Minors Policy Approved

June 10, 2019

A policy governing rules and procedures for all University faculty, staff, students and volunteers who interact with Minors on campus was recently approved by the Environmental, Safety and Risk Management (ESRM) committee. The policy can be found on the Program Resources for Minors on Campus website.  

Policy For Programs Involving Minors »

The policy governs all events, camps, visits, research, employment/internships or tours at Princeton University involving persons under 18 years of age who are not matriculated at Princeton or another university, when participating in a program where the care, custody and control of the individual is the responsibility of University faculty, staff, students or volunteers.

The policy is the result of two years of work incorporating input from a number of stakeholders, including Conference and Event Services, University Health Services, Environmental Health and Safety and Public Safety.

Supplemental policies governing standards of behavior with minors, rules and procedures for minors in research facilities and roles and responsibilities for chaperones are also available on the minors website.