Roles and Responsibilities for Chaperones

This document was developed as part of the Minors policy initiative and must be followed pursuant to the Policy for Programs Involving Minors (the “Policy”). All capitalized terms are defined in the Policy. This can be used for Princeton University related programming where Chaperones are expected to provide supervision of the Minors. 


Chaperone: An individual(s), such as a teacher during an academic program, who is not a Princeton University faculty or staff member, student, volunteer, or a parent/guardian, but is responsible for the care, custody and control of one or more Minors. 
Program Sponsors: For purposes of programs with Chaperones, a Program Sponsor is a University faculty, staff or student group hosting a program, or organizing a program on behalf of an external organization, that involves Minors where Chaperones are required. 


Program Sponsors are expected to:  a. oversee the content and relevant program-related concerns and b. register the program with the University. Chaperones are expected to secure all required permissions, health forms and other documentation from parents or guardians. Chaperones are also expected to have reviewed the content of the Princeton Minors Policy website.


Program Sponsors generally will not be involved in any discipline matters outside of the formal program (e.g., with hotel staff, etc.). Any disciplinary repercussions regarding a Minor’s conduct within the program will be discussed by the Chaperone and Program Sponsors together. 


Program Sponsors will limit direct communication with Minors to the actual programming and activities. All logistical information will be posted generally or communicated via Chaperones. In addition, it is the responsibility of the Chaperone to communicate with any party outside of the Program (e.g. legal guardians or schools). Chaperones should provide Program Sponsors with contact information for themselves as well as the external organization they are representing (high school, non-profit, etc.)


Unless explicitly stated and arranged as part of official programming, all travel as well as scheduled pick-up times, to, from, and within the program are the sole responsibility of the Chaperone. The Chaperone is responsible for ensuring that the parents or guardians of the Minor are aware of and have approved the travel. 

Overnight Programs:

Chaperones are responsible for ensuring that a parent or guardian is aware of the living accommodations provided by or associated with the program. Chaperones are also expected to stay at the location where Minors are staying throughout the duration of the program. Minors are not allowed to stay overnight in University dormitories unless an exception exists, which must be expressly written and granted via the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students. 


Please contact the Program Sponsors with any questions regarding the program and activities. Please contact Conference and Event Services or [email protected] for questions on the policy. 

For emergencies, first contact the Department of Public Safety at 911 or 609-258-3333 and then the Program Sponsor. For emergencies outside of campus, first contact the local emergency department and then the Program Sponsor.

Update Log:

Effective 9/3/2019