Program Operators

Directors of programs or activities involving Minors must take the following steps 60-days prior to the start of your event, when possible:
  1. Register your program. To determine whether your program is a Covered Program or a Non-Covered Program, please follow the instructions provided on the registration page
    1. Once registered, you will receive additional information concerning completion of background checks and online training for all Program Staff. 
  2. Complete background checks for all Program Staff.
  3. Complete University-provided online training for all Program Staff. 

Registrations for Covered Programs MUST be submitted at least 72-hours prior to the program start date. 

Please note: Any program involving Minors in or adjacent to a University Research Facility must also follow the Rules and Procedures for Minors in Research Facilities. These Rules and Procedures apply to Adults who work within a Research Facility, and to all Minors who may enter or participate in activities in or adjacent to any University Research Facility.